3/19/2007 Resolution Peace
The TRi Valley Democratic Club supports legislation to:
Promptly withdraw from Iraq
Not attack Iran without Congressional approval
Take good care of the troops, veterans and their families

TVDC was the first club to pass this resolution, many have followed.  See WWW.ResolutionPeace.ORG

11/12/07  Resolution Banning Privatized Voting
Whereas the integrity of the vote is essential for the continuance of democracy:
Whereas the vote is the cornerstone of the control that "we the people" have over our government and is an essential part of our commons:
Be it resolved that no part of the control of our voting process or systems be privatized to any corporation or other private entity and that all essential systems stay wholly within the control and oversight of the citizens of the State. Any purchase from vendors of equipment and/or open source software shall be allowed only if such technology is transparent and subject to control and oversight by the State, and shall have no proprietary or trade secret technology.
Be it further resolved that a durable paper ballot, constituting a legal document, shall be created by each voter, counted as cast and be securely maintained for recounting or audit for at least two years if requested by any candidate or political party, or until any dispute is legitimately settled.
voted upon and approved by:
The Shasta County Central Committee on November 12, 2007
The Tri Valley Democratic Club on November 19, 2007